Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic many people are in isolation and finding the lack of social interaction extremely difficult.  The Empals idea is intended to combat social isolation whilst bringing the international powerchair football community closer together.  The idea is a basic one, players from different powerchair football clubs communicate with a fellow player from a different club from a different country. Thereby, hopefully building long lasting friendships during difficult times. 

The Empals initiative, is the modern version of pen pals because most of the communication will be done via email. 


It is hoped Empals will help with the following:

  • Increase social interaction
  • Build friendships
  • Player wellbeing, less depression, less boredom, less isolation
  • Emails are free
  • Build relationships among clubs creating opportunities
  • Respite for players and loved ones
  • Personal development: learning new things such as languages, cultures etc
  • Player development such as learning more about the sport
  • Enable coach development, learning different ideas
  • Sharing of fundraising ideas
  • Player-lead developments on all levels, a collective voice
  • Increase in player confidence
  • Possibility of player exchanges in the future